Salida 23

G  –  D  –  a  –  G  –  D

You deserve me, I’m your fate, your darkest night

you, believe me, I’m a cristal drop, falling from your eyes  [lies]

Then, you, kill me. My shadow fades in every crime

Slice your stone, drawning my primitive soul…

A first circle, the test of the few, to take the land;

a god of freedom sleeping well, in a jail of cards.

And the rainbow, 7 blue colors in dark degrade,

one more shout with empty words to talk about…

The pain sees now is the time to run away

across the root returning to our primitive soul in chains,

the joy feels near the places to be succes

but when we start to believe, our heavens falls again…

  1. #1 por en plumadas el marzo 2, 2012 - 5:18



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