So I see [Efeméride]

C   G   F   C   G   G7

C   G   F   d   C   G   G7


Unhappy glory
from the cold touch of your lips
when you say it will pass
and haunt inside my eyes

Endless crime
turns my mad laughs in a pray
while I sow worms in your heart
while I lie you one more time

And then you kiss me,
sweet poison from your tongue,
dark passion from your mind,
tears take us apart

So I know the bluest dream
where you were, the smoked vision of the snow,
the pain of love

So I see, the rest of life rains over me
I’ve got destroy the light,
now I can turn back inside
on my hole

where are waiting our leafless soul
about I talked once in the past
to take my life apart…

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