Mental Shipwreck


Time is closer / nobody sees                       is not a joke /the time is here                 bro against bro / from begining since i can remember
evil is planing up / over our heads

Tv shows us / as a makeup chick
the chains are heavier / when you think you’re free

Then I heard the voices
shaking up my head
saying it’s time to wonder
Why the hell am I still here
Why did I should come to this place
My faith now is broken
my brain is insane
I can’t see the difference
between the real world
and the rest of my mental shipwreck

My world is collapsing
It’s just what  I know
the media is lying
and the stupids make the show

Evil lurks around every corner
and everyone feels as wise
They say “we don’t need religions”
All we need is what we can

I extend you my hand
but you think I’m a mad
you’re right, for sure,
I’m a funcking weirdo at all

the wars are away
the hungry is not at my side
why should I take care of it
it’s their trouble is not mine

shouts and screams
from the lost souls in the edge
remains feeling poison mixed
with milk from your breast
since the very first time
It’s easy no think
and if we have to do
we do about pleasure
can’t resist the pressure
we are the new people
think about that is not cool

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